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established in 2015 and designed for collecting moments for the little people in your life.
created by two moms, Sara and Makel, who found it difficult to source durable, minimal and practical baby wear. 
When creating Fin and Vince, we wanted to embody a charming, timeless design, yet  something that would appeal to a modern audience. These elements really play into the heirloom quality of our products. Our main desire is  that our clothing is something that you cherish, something that lasts the test of time, and will ultimately be a part of your families generations.
It is especially rewarding to see our clothing as a small part of your big moments. As mothers of five boys, we know that memories with our children are precious moments that we never want to forget. To us, our business is not just about the clothing, it's about the nostalgia of a babies first sweater, what they wore on their first day of school, and so on. It's about those items we like to keep and cherish, and to pass down for future children or grandchildren. These are the items we want to create. We strive for the style and quality to last through the years of hoarding :) After brainstorming our mission and style we came up with the tagline;
"for collecting moments"
We can't wait to see how your little one's and their "moments" continue to light and strengthen our community. We'd love nothing more than to be a part of these special memories with your babies.
Let's strive to slow down and keep collecting moments.

XO Makel & Sara

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